Beter Bed Holding

Annual Report 2014

Expectations and outlook

The economic outlook remains moderately positive, as does the forecast for consumer spending. The focus remains fully on (like-for-like) growth in revenue and consequently on formula and product innovation, omni-channel e-commerce and customer satisfaction. In addition to completing the refurbishment of the Beter Bed stores, the process of rolling out updated store concepts will also commence for the other formulas following the successful conclusion of the pilots that are currently underway.

Improving margins, stringently controlling expenses and lowering net working capital will obviously continue to receive our full attention.

The company consequently expects the positive revenue trend of 2014 to continue in 2015, although in the Netherlands this will be partially dependent upon the speed of recovery of the housing market.

Uden, The Netherlands, 12 March 2015

A.H. Anbeek,

B.F. Koops,

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer