Beter Bed Holding

Annual Report 2014

Beter Bed customer satisfaction

Consumers’ needs and ‘the customer comes first’ have through the years more expressly become the principles that guide the company. Beter Bed has consequently placed increasingly greater focus on customer satisfaction.

Consumers are positioned more at the heart of the organisation. This is expressed in the attention given to and interaction with customers, the introduction of the 7 Major Comforts and the introduction of measuring the Net Promotor Score (NPS).

As an extension of the company’s mission to provide all customers with an affordable way to get a great, comfortable and healthy night’s sleep, Beter Bed has laid down a number of matters, including several guarantees, in the 7 Major Comforts.

An independent company sends surveys to customers in order to measure the NPS. The survey sent to the customer contains two sections. The first section gives the company insight into how the customer rates the internal processes. The customer satisfaction policy is continually adapted according to these results. The second section is called Ratings & Reviews (RRS) and gives the customer the opportunity to publish his or her review online. Beter Bed aims in this way to increase its online findability and to raise the conversion further. The online publication is carried out by our independent partner eKomi.

Consumers appreciate this initiative. A sufficient number of reactions from customers have now been received to make it possible to draw reliable conclusions from them. The goal is to grow to a 9+ organisation within a few years.

Beter Bed is committed to continuing to meet customers’ expectations by further developing its focus on customer satisfaction in the years ahead.